Getting Work Permits For People With Pending Asylum Cases Should Get Easier Soon

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For those of us familiar with Asylum cases, there is much grumbling and moaning when you mention "The Clock." It can ruin a person's ability to support themselves and it is unclear when it gets stopped and started or does not run. The "Asylum Clock" (or KLOK as it is also known) is basically the concept that a foreign national who files for asylum must wait 150 days after filing an asylum application (I-589) before applying for an Employment Authorization Document (EAD). The counter or timer operation is the problem.

Its a hair-pulling issue but on November 4, 2013 a nationwide class action settlement was reached that will hopefully allow so many people who have suffered persecution in their past to actually obtain their work permits within the lawful time lines.

One of the parts of the settlement that we are most excited about is that asylum seekers will soon be able to file their asylum applications with the Immigration Court immediately, instead of waiting for months, sometimes close to a year before the initial Master Calendar Hearing (No more motions to advance hearing date. Wohoo!)