USCIS Release on New Process for Waivers


In the Federal Register on Monday, January 9, 2011 a new proposed provision will be published allowing many undocumented immigrants to process their waivers while inside the United States. For many years, certain immigrants were afraid to leave the United States to process their "greencards" because they feared their waivers (pardons) would be denied thereby barring re-entry into the United States for 10 years.

Now the Obama administration is changing the law to allow immigrants to process the waivers inside the United States taking away the risk of going overseas and getting denied. However, the immigrant will still have to leave the U.S. to pick up his/her immigrant visa but will not wait for months or years while the waiver is being processed. This concept of still having to leave will please the Republican opposition as they have been proponents of legalization only if there person goes overseas to get their visas. This seems like a good compromise on its face that should please all sides.

Below is the release from USCIS:

Ricky Malik, Esq.