ICE: Counties Cannot Opt Out of Voluntary Immigration Program


In recent days, several communities (including Arlington, VA, Washington, DC amongst others) have tried to opt out of Immigration & Customs Enforcement's (ICE) "secure communities" program.  The program allows for anyone who is arrested for anything from minor traffic violations to serious crimes to have their fingerprints checked against immigration and criminal databases.  It is intrusive and without the consent of not only the individual, but also the local governments.  U.S. Citizens are also checked and not protected from such violations, but ICE does not care and conducts such intrusions on individual's privacy.  Privacy is a concern because Immigration is civil in nature and not criminal and thus permission has to be obtained. 

Now even when local governments do not want to participate in what they thought was a voluntary program, they are not permitted to leave.  So much for States' Rights.  Another example of Big Government outpowering local governments.  I'm sure the highly principled Tea Party is running to fight big federal government on this one. For more from the Associate Press, click here.

Ricky Malik, Esq.